Title: Close Enough (Brokeback Mountain fic)
Author: Janet F. Caires-Lesgold
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Category: Angst, smut, Jack POV
Spoilers: Most of movie
Rating: M (for mature audiences only due to m/m sexual activity)
Pairing: Jack/OMC, Jack/Ennis
Summary: What a man's gotta do

DISCLAIMER: These characters do not belong to me. They come from the 2005 Ang Lee film, screenplay by Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana, which was based on a short story by E. Annie Proulx. This story is just for the entertainment of my online friends and myself, not for any profit.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Written for Signe's Comment Porn Battle.

DEDICATION: For these guys.

COPYRIGHT: (C) Janet F. Caires-Lesgold, January 13, 2006, jfc@freeshell.org

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Pedro charges twenty American dollars for what I want. Ten dollars' worth isn't going to be enough tonight.

Okay, so his name probably isn't really Pedro. Probably Esteban or Jorge or something.

But it's shorthand. In the alley, they're all "Pedro".

He takes me to a little room near the plaza where you can still hear the mariachis when the door and windowblinds are shut up tight. The walls are sadly in need of a paint job, but the bedsheets are relatively clean. I pull a twenty out of my wallet and set it on the bed, and he smiles like he's just won the pot in bingo, taking off his wristwatch deliberately.

I start unbuttoning my shirt, not wasting any time. Pedro sees my wedding ring sparkle in the light of the single bedside lamp, so opens a drawer and lays out a short strip of rubbers. The fact that my wife doesn't need a course of penicillin in her future crosses the language barrier easily.

My boots are stood by the one chair, and my shirt and jeans get folded over its arm. I get on the bed and lean my back against the headboard. I'm not completely hard yet, so Pedro plays with my balls to get things started. He looks up at me when he takes my dick into his mouth, and I smile at him again. He's nice-enough looking, but his eyes are dark Mexican brown, and I can't look at them anymore.

Ennis' eyes are blue like snow at night. My eyes close, and I think about him sucking me off in the early morning on the mountain. I have to grin a little at the thought that Ennis and I sound nearly like debate champs compared to Pedro and me.

It's just a twenty dollar mouth, but it will do when there isn't anything else. Lureen will spread her legs and let me in, but she's a "nice girl who reads the Bible", and won't do this. Of course Pedro is good at it--he's a professional. Damn, I miss Ennis.

That morning it was already warm out by the campfire, and nobody was there to see, so he opened my pants and opened his mouth, taking me down and making me whicker like a horse. He pulled off when I shot, and it went straight up, then straight down, and landed right in his hair and dribbled down the back of his collar. I laughed like a hyena to see it, and he swore and swatted at me with his hat.

Pedro knows what he's doing all right--his tongue wraps around me as he drinks me dry, and I feel nicely wrung out when I'm finished. He cleans me up, then rubs my stomach with one hand, and pokes a finger toward my ass. I roll over and settle my head down on my folded arms while he gets ready, recollecting another place like I was there.

Still swearing, Ennis had peeled off his clothes like he'd fallen in shit, then waded into the chilly lake until he was immersed. I was plenty sticky myself, so I stripped and ran in after him. He scrubbed the water through his hair, and I came up behind him and washed his back. "Sorry," I mumbled, more that I'd laughed than that I'd gotten come on his head.

We both stood on the rocky bottom of the lake, water splashing around our shoulders. Ennis turned toward me and looped a leg to grab my naked body close. "Damn you, little darlin'," he muttered, a smile sneaking out of his face, then kissed me with his teeth and tongue almost more than his lips. My dick was done for the day, but his was just getting interested, and he rubbed me up and down under the water.

Still holding me close, he moved us around and found my opening, lakewater taking the place of spit and slick. The currents swished around us as we fucked quietly in the morning sun, a distant owl making more noise than either of us. I felt him come, shaking and clutching me tightly, and everything was perfect.

A sunny lake under the mountain fades from memory, leaving me in a dimly-lit Mexican bedroom with Pedro. He jerks me to a second orgasm, then finds his own release within me. Since I can't look into his face in this position, I can pretend for just a minute longer while he presses his chest against my back wordlessly.

Finally, we move apart, and I am empty again until the next time. "Gracias, senor," he says softly, and I nod and reply, "Gracias", before dressing and heading home. Texas may be closer than Wyoming, but for now, Mexico is close enough.


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