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Summary: Mulder's alter ego visits a chatroom.

DISCLAIMER: Fox Mulder and anyone else from that universe belong to Chris Carter and 1013 Productions. Willow Rosenberg belongs to Joss Whedon and the beautiful people at Mutant Enemy Productions. Birkhoff belongs to Joel Surnow and USA Productions. This story is just for the entertainment of my online friends and myself, not for any profit.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: All e-mail addresses, etc., are entirely imaginary, to the best of my knowledge. Further notes, including who these people are, for the uninitiated, located at end.

DEDICATION: This is in honor of the lovely Viridian, who put the bee in my bonnet in her tale "Knowing", on the occasion of her birthday! That means this is all her fault!

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With a streetlight streaming through his venetian blinds, Fox Mulder wrapped up his news reading for another evening and checked his e-mail one more time. Almost as an afterthought, he opened the box he'd assigned to Lucretia, the 16-year-old Goth girl he sometimes pretended to be.


TO: lucretia666@aol.com, birkhoff@sect1.org...

FROM: w-rosenberg@sunnydale-high.edu (WitchiePoo)

Hey, you Gibson fanatics! Come chat at 8 p.m. PDT at...


He made a note of the address given and checked the clock. Almost midnight Virginia time. Maybe the William Gibson fanclub was still chatting away after an hour, but he doubted it. Well, there was no way to tell unless he tried...

*** Lucretia has joined chat

<Lucretia> hey willow u still up?

<WitchiePoo> Yep, I'm up - pretty quiet here. Just Birky & me.

<Lucretia> hey birkhoff long time no type. busy?

<Birkhoff> School & stuff. Keeps me off the net except for very rare occasions.

<WitchiePoo> I thought you worked with computers?

<Birkhoff> I do. It's my major, so I have to figure out all kinds of tricks. I just rarely have time to hang out & chat.

<Lucretia> where do u go to school

<Birkhoff> It's a pretty small school. I doubt you've heard of it.

<Lucretia> i might have

<Birkhoff> Will, how are things at your school these days?

<WitchiePoo> You know, the usual usual. Always some gangs or crazies trying to make trouble for everybody else...

<Lucretia> u could always move 2 colorado pretty quiet there

*Lucretia gives a lopsided grin

<WitchiePoo> Very funny, Lu. It's sad. Why are there always some kids who get picked on all the time, but nobody ever stops the bullies?

<Lucretia> maybe some people just accept that they are outcasts & dont want to be part of the powerful group

<WitchiePoo> What do you think about Littleton, Birky?

<Birkhoff> It's bad, but was bound to happen. People who get stepped on by people in power sometimes have to learn to step back.

<Lucretia> *step* back or step *back*?

*Lucretia raises one eyebrow

<Birkhoff> You know what I mean. The little people can't sit back & keep being abused by bigger, stronger groups.

<WitchiePoo> But how do you know who's right? I mean the bad guys don't *always* wear scary faces...

<Lucretia> and the ones who think they're doing the right thing for the biggest number of people might not do things that everybody thinks is right

<Birkhoff> I know. That's where it gets tricky.

<Lucretia> what bugs me is not knowing if im on the right side sometimes. i listen to my teacher, the guy who's supposed to tell me what to do, and it almost seems like if i do what he tells me, ill just be another victim.

<WitchiePoo> Can't you confide in your parents, especially if your teacher is telling you to do bad stuff?

<Lucretia> its just my mom now and it's like shes on another planet. i wonder if shes got stuff going on that shes not telling me. i know she probably is so i cant go to her.

<WitchiePoo> That's rough. Birky, are your parents open to talk about stuff?

<Birkhoff> My dad would kill me if he knew I was talking about stuff this way. No, he'd probably tell my mom, and *she'd* kill me.

<WitchiePoo> Wow. I feel stupid now. My parents don't know what I'm up to all the time, but at least I think they're supportive of what I want to do. At least my best friend's mom is cool about stuff. She knows what we get up to, which I think freaks her out a little bit, but she's there for us.

<Birkhoff> It must be nice.

<Lucretia> im sure you get up to all kinds of crime and stuff, dontcha?

<WitchiePoo> Not crime, exactly. My friends and I have gotten hurt sometimes, though.

<Lucretia> at least you have yer friends. friends are useful things to have. have u got anybody birky

<Birkhoff> Not real friends. There's this older guy

<WitchiePoo> A senior?

<Birkhoff> Yeah, a senior. He builds stuff and tells great stories. He cares, but he's careful, too. He listens.

<Lucretia> have u got a girlfriend

<Birkhoff> Well, there's this girl

<WitchiePoo> I knew it

*WitchiePoo winks at Lucretia

<Lucretia> is she in your class

<Birkhoff> She's in a class by herself.

<WitchiePoo> Ha ha. He's in love.

<Birkhoff> No I'm not. She's pretty special, though. Are you in love, Will?

<WitchiePoo> Yeah. My boyfriend's in a band. He's cool.

<Lucretia> what happened 2 the guy u told me about? the 1 from down the street

<WitchiePoo> He had another girlfriend for awhile. I don't know who he loves now.

<Birkhoff> But it bothers you.

<WitchiePoo> I never said that.

<Lucretia> it does bother you

<WitchiePoo> Just for that, it's your turn! Do you have a boyfriend, Lu?

<Lucretia> well this guy kissed me once

<Birkhoff> That's all?

<WitchiePoo> Shut up. Maybe that's enough. Does he like you?

<Lucretia> i dont know. i used to give him shit whenever i saw him

<WitchiePoo> So you like him, then.

<Lucretia> i dont know if i can trust him

<WitchiePoo> What do your friends think of him?

<Lucretia> my best friend hates him

<Birkhoff> Would you ever choose that guy over your best friend?

<Lucretia> never. shes the best person i know. i told her i loved her once

<WitchiePoo> Did you mean it like friends or what?

<Birkhoff> Are you queer? I hope you don't mind my asking.

<Lucretia> thats a very good question. why does it matter?

<Birkhoff> No reason.

<WitchiePoo> Birky, were you gonna ask Lu out?

<Birkhoff> I couldn't do that.

<Lucretia> because of your mom or that girl?

<Birkhoff> Both.

*** Fibber has joined chat

<WitchiePoo> Behave yourselves. We've got company. Welcome, Fibber!

<Fibber> Hi. Is this the William Gibson chat?

<WitchiePoo> It was, but it sort of fell apart.

<Fibber> What are you talking about now?

<Birkhoff> It started out about Littleton Colorado and stuff but now it's about sex.

<Lucretia> isnt everything about sex?

<WitchiePoo> Shut up, you guys! It was really more about relationships.

<Fibber> I think the Littleton thing was about relationships.

<Lucretia> yeah. i read that the guy who shot those kids in georgia was upset cuz his girlfriend dumped him

<Fibber> No - I mean the relationships between the kids.

<WitchiePoo> That's what I was saying, because there's always bullies picking on the outcasts.

<Fibber> Do you guys feel pressure to conform to somebody else's idea of what you should do?

<WitchiePoo:> No. I mean my folks want me to be myself, as long as I get good grades and help other people.

<Birkhoff> But isn't that pressure?

<WitchiePoo> Not peer pressure. That's different.

<Lucretia> is it really? i feel pressured from lots of different people to behave the way they want, but i have to do what is important to me

<Birkhoff> Who decides what's really important, anyway?

<WitchiePoo> Do you really feel that way?

<Fibber> I know that feeling. I wish I didn't know it so well.

<Lucretia> is that because of the pressure u feel from others

<Fibber> Maybe.

<Birkhoff> I know I have to conform. I've forgotten what it's like to have the freedom to do whatever I want.

<WitchiePoo> That's sad.

<Birkhoff> That's just the way it is around here.

<Lucretia> are u in a military school

<Birkhoff> You could say that. Shit. There's my dad. I have to go. Homework. Bye, guys.

*** Birkhoff has left the chat.

<WitchiePoo> Man, that's weird. I feel sorry for the guy.

<Lucretia> i think hes got a crush on u

<WitchiePoo> Are you kidding? He was gonna ask you out!

<Lucretia> i dont even know where he is

<WitchiePoo> Was that why you said that about your best friend?

<Lucretia> u mean that i love her?

<WitchiePoo> You were serious?

<Lucretia> yeah

<WitchiePoo> Does she love you back?

<Lucretia> i wish i knew

<WitchiePoo> *Are* you gay?

<Lucretia> would u still be my friend if i was

<WitchiePoo> Oh, I didn't mean I wouldn't be! I didn't mean that the way it sounded! You can be anything you are. There's nothing wrong with that. I was just wondering. Are you?

<Lucretia> i dont know

<Fibber> Have you ever been with a man?

<Lucretia> is it ok if i dont answer that

<Fibber> OK. Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you.

<Lucretia> thats ok. you didnt scare me. not much scares me anymore

<WitchiePoo> I know what you mean, well sort of. Actually, I'm a little scared all the time.

<Fibber> Me too.

<Lucretia> me2. what scares u the most

<WitchiePoo> Dying scares me. I don't think I want to do it.

<Fibber> You're going to have to someday. That scares me, too.

<Lucretia> i dont think ill mind dying. its just dying when ive still got work to do.

<WitchiePoo> I don't think there's ever a good time. There's always more work to do.

<Fibber> I guess all we can do is try to do what we think is right while we're around.

<Lucretia> but will it ever be enough?

<WitchiePoo> You know what? I really need to go do some stuff for school. Is it okay if we wrap this up?

<Fibber> I guess so. You guys do this a lot?

<WitchiePoo> About once a week. You want me to e-mail you when I'm getting one together?

<Fibber> Sure. I'm home alone most evenings with nothing to do.

<Lucretia> real exciting guy

<WitchiePoo> Hey! Don't make fun! How about you, Lu?

<Lucretia> sure - count me in. im sorry, ok fibber?

<Fibber> Come back next week. Maybe we can get better acquainted.

<Lucretia> omigod - sounds like a date

<WitchiePoo> That's it, guys. Flirt next week! I'm outta here! Love you guys!

*** Fibber has left chat

*** Lucretia has left chat

*** WitchiePoo has quit IRC

Session Close...

Walter Skinner stared at the computer screen. Why did he butt into these chatrooms? Everybody in them was always a kid, though that Lucretia sounded interesting. He might like to get to know her better... Good Lord! What was he thinking? She couldn't have been any more than eighteen! And all those small "i"s - no self-esteem! But there was something about her. The other kids seemed to like her. Maybe she wasn't so bad after all. He shut down the computer for the night and headed for bed.




Willow Rosenberg is Buffy the Vampire Slayer's best friend at high school. She is practicing wicca in an attempt to help conquer the vampires and other demons that threaten Sunnydale, California. Nearly everything she says is true.

Birkhoff is the twenty-something computer whiz of Section One, the secret anti-terrorist organization that employs Nikita, the girl to whom he refers. The "older guy" is Walter, an older man who creates weapons, etc., for the missions. His "mom" and "dad" are his bosses, who would *actually* kill him if he disobeyed orders. It is not known how much 'net access he would really be allowed, but I took a few literary liberties. Nearly everything he says is clouded by the secrecy he must maintain about his "employer".

Since this is for the X-Files fanfic community, I'll assume you know the other guys...

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