Title: "Scotland the Brave"
Author: Janet F. Caires-Lesgold
Content: M/F/F, starring Giles, Buffy, and Willow (with appearances by Xander and Cordelia)
Rating: NC-17

NOTE: This is a departure for me. My last piece was sort of dark, so I wanted to give Giles a little fun. It was pretty hard to write, so please, be kind in ripping this one apart! jfc

WARNING: This story contains suggestive language and scenes of sexual activity between adults and teenagers that may not be suitable for younger or more sensitive readers. I advise you to use discretion in choosing whether to read this story.

DISCLAIMER: The characters in this story belong to Joss Whedon and the good folks over at "Mutant Enemy" Productions, not to me. I am merely borrowing them for the entertainment of myself and my online friends. No copyright infringement is intended, and no monetary compensation is desired for my use of these characters.

(C) April 16, 1998, Janet F. Caires-Lesgold, jfc@freeshell.org. Please send all comments and constructive criticism to this address.





"Sunnydale High - Spring International Fair," read the banner that flapped in the breeze over the park, but the California sun made it feel more like summer. Everywhere students in gaily colored costumes milled between booths, munching on peculiar sandwiches wrapped in flatbreads and swaying along with the Ecuadorian pipe music coming from a small ensemble positioned under a tree.

An Indian princess who bore a striking resemblance to Cordelia stalked angrily past the little combo, followed closely by a jodhpured and booted Mountie who answered to the name of Xander.

"Cordie, honey, what's wrong?" he called after her.

She stopped in her tracks and spun to face him. Her thick hair, parted down the middle and held in place with a delicately beaded headband, flipped almost into his eye as she turned. "Why is everyone saying that?"

Xander, spiffy in his red jacket and brown campaign hat, looked trustworthy, brave, true, and very confused. "Saying what?"

Cordie adjusted her extremely short fringed doeskin dress and scuffed her moccasin toe in the dust. "I dunno. They keep saying we look like four people..."

"Four people?" began Xander. "Who?"

"Nelson, Eddie, Jeanette, and Donald, whoever the hell they are. There is *nothing* kinky about this outfit!" She stormed off again, with Sgt. Xander in hot pursuit.

"There *could* be!" he whined after her, as someone in the distance sang at them, "Yoo-hoo-oo-oo!"

As he left the scene, he narrowly avoided knocking a cup of lemonade out of Rupert Giles' hand. Giles briskly swept away the few drops of liquid that had fallen on his kilt with a paper napkin. To those who only saw him from the waist up, he looked just like he did every day in the library. It was only when the crowd parted that the casual observer noticed his knee-high socks decorated with bits of plaid and the fur-trimmed pouch at his waist over the tartan of his maternal grandmother's clan. He had only grudgingly dressed up for this event, and regretted doing so every time a student wolf-whistled at him or told him that his slip was showing.

The heat of the midday sun would have been wearing even had he not been in wool, but as it was, he was sweltering, so he carried his lemonade away from the buzzing students and sought out the cool shade of a nearby thicket. He stretched out under a tree and closed his eyes, letting the sounds of the fair fade behind him.

A rustling in the shrubbery startled him, especially as it seemed to be headed straight for him. Not wishing to be discovered playing hooky from his duties at the fair, he clambered into the tree and perched on a branch in an attempt to hide. A familiar blonde head bobbed through the bushes beneath him, but he was embarrassed to admit to Buffy that he'd been hiding from her, so he sat as quietly as he could in his tree.

Willow's voice came from a slight distance. "Do you think you threw it over here?"

"Maybe," answered Buffy, stumbling over a root. "Damn these wooden shoes!" she exclaimed, kicking them off. "My mom's gonna kill me if I can't find that hat. Her grandma made the lace by hand." Her hair was braided into two plaits and tied with blue ribbons that drooped in the heat.

"Then why did you throw it away?" Willow asked as she came into view, dressed in a dark coat and scarf.

"Principal Snyder said something about me being quite fetching as the little Dutch girl, and as soon as he had gone past, I flung it over here somewhere and yelled, "Then fetch!" when he couldn't hear me. As soon as it disappeared into the trees, I realized I was in big trouble." Just then a tiny movement in the tree above her head caught her eye. She tipped her head back and squinted into the shadows of the leaves. She smiled broadly as she made out the shape of Giles crouching on his branch, his kilt draping over his knees.

"I see London, I see France! I see... HEL-lo!" she exclaimed when she noticed that he had dressed in the traditional fashion.

"What? What?" pestered Willow, peering vainly between the leaves.

"Say, Giles," Buffy called to him, "ya got the regiment up there with you?"

"What do you mean?" whispered Willow.

"He's full regimental," Buffy whispered back. "That means he's not got any underwear on under his kilt."

Willow kept searching the branches until she spotted him. "Oh, there you are, Giles. OH!" she exclaimed when she saw what Buffy meant. "Should I be looking up there?" she asked Buffy, unable to take her eyes off of his revealed privates.

"Why not?" replied Buffy. "It's the best show in town." She moved to lean on the trunk of the tree, effectively blocking his escape route, while making sure that she had a clear view.

Giles at last was able to stammer, "Don't you girls have somewhere else to go?"

"Nope, sorry," retorted Buffy. "Except maybe back to the fair, but it's too geeky and hot out there. I'd rather stay here and torment you." With that she reached up under her long, full dirndl skirt and loosened her bloomers, stepping out of them as they fell around her ankles.

"Buffy!" Willow shrieked. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Giles looked comfy. I thought I'd join him."

Giles called down, "If there's one thing I'm *not*, it's comfy. Look, are you going to let me down anytime soon?"

Buffy thought this over. "Gee, I don't know. Maybe for a price. Willow, you've mentioned that you've got a little crush on our Mr. Giles, here, isn't that right?"

She blushed, but nodded, a slow smile creeping across her face. "Yeah, but so do you."

"True," agreed Buffy. "This appears to be the perfect opportunity to fulfill a few of our fantasies. And c'mon, Giles. You can't deny that you've thought about it..." She fingered the elastic neckline of her white blouse above her cinched bustier, then quickly flashed him with a tasty view of her firm breasts.

The effect on Giles was obvious from her vantage point, and she giggled at her own audacity and the idea of conquest. "I do believe that the Loch Ness Monster is stirring from its depths!" Willow laughed as well at the discomfited but aroused figure on the branch. She shinnied out of her heavy coat to reveal a full skirt and peasant blouse.

"I know what you didn't tell me, Will," interjected Buffy. "Where are you supposed to be from, anyway?"

"Russia. I was going to carry an empty shopping bag, but I left it in my locker."

"Well, without the coat, you look a little more ready for some international relations...Doesn't she, Giles?"

"I guess so," he answered. "Look, can I please get down from here?"

Buffy thought for a moment. "That depends. Will you play our game with us?"

"It must be the heat or something, but yes, anything to get out of this tree." Buffy stepped aside and let the kilted fellow climb down as quickly he could without flashing the girls further.

"Wait!" she yelled, holding out her arm with her hand spread wide. "You forgot to pay the toll." With that, she puckered up and waited for a kiss.

Giles sighed and chuckled to himself, kissing her softly and slowly. As they separated, Buffy looked up at him brightly. "Nice opening, though I think that more negotiations are in order..."

"Hey," called Willow, "what about the Eastern Bloc?" She assumed the same puckered pose as Buffy had taken.

Giles turned to her and kissed her, too. He reached up and removed the scarf around her head, releasing her glorious red hair. He fluffed it with his fingers, enjoying its softness and its shimmer in the filtered sunlight. "You know, Willow, you really are beautiful..."

She grinned, surprised by his comment. "Really? I mean, you think so?" She threw her arms around his neck and gave him a squeeze. She faced him again, and met his lips for another warm kiss.

Buffy jokingly interrupted them. "Hey, hey, break it up over there! The representative from Holland petitions for a little attention, too!" Giles turned and gathered her into his arms, kissing her again, but deeply and firmly this time.

Willow picked up her coat and spread it on the ground under the tree. "Here," she said, "so you don't get grass stains on your nice plaid!" She sat down on one edge, leaving plenty of room for the others to join her, as she indicated by patting the satin lining.

Giles sat in the middle, easing Buffy down beside him. He wrapped his other arm around Willow's shoulders and spent some time kissing each of them in turn, first just pressing their lips ardently, then eventually tasting their tongues one after the other. After several moments of this, he paused to catch his breath. "Well," he sighed, "this is nice, isn't it?"

"Definitely," agreed Buffy, stretching within his grasp, "but I think I had a little more in mind. Didn't you, Willow?"

"I think so," she nodded. "What exactly were you thinking of?"

"Well," she began, eyeing their prize, "how about a little 'I'll take the high road and you take the low road'..."

"'And I'll be in Scotland before you?' I'm not sure I get what you're driving at..."

Buffy pushed Giles to stretch out on the coat, and whispered animatedly into Willow's ear over him, though he could not hear what she said. She reached into a pocket and pulled out a small packet, which she handed to Willow. Their heads parted, and she finally asked, "Do you think you can handle that?"

"Uh-huh," answered Willow, "I'll see what I can do." She slipped out of Giles' arm and crouched between his legs, which he obligingly parted for her. She gingerly lifted his kilt, revealing his erect penis, and she gasped a little at its size. "Oh, my!"

"Are you gonna be okay, Will?" Buffy checked.

"It'll be a new experience, but I'm brave. I'll be fine." She shyly touched his engorged member, with a single finger at first, but slowly wrapping her fingers around it and stroking it gently.

Buffy stood at Giles' head. "Do you wanna see what I've got for you?" she teased. She began gathering up her skirts in her hands, uncovering her finely-muscled legs like a stage set. He watched her avidly, murmuring in admiration as her blonde thatch was revealed between her thighs.

She stood so that her feet were on either side of his head and slowly sat down with her naked bottom on his chest, presenting her sex to his face. She carefully removed his eyeglasses and set them as far away as she could reach. She bent almost double to kiss him, then straightened up as he raised his head to smell her wetness. He began tasting her and licking at her clitoris and vagina, reaching up to knead her breasts through the thin fabric of her blouse.

Willow's hands slid more insistently along the length of his manhood, and she watched in amazement as a droplet formed on its tip. Fascinated, she licked it off, and kissed the soft head as she'd imagined doing many times. She parted her lips and allowed it into her hot mouth, running her tongue in a circle around its contours. She was momentarily distracted by Buffy's soft moans of pleasure, which she remembered was her signal. She stopped her activities and turned to the package that Buffy had given her. She ripped open the small envelope and removed a condom, which she cautiously rolled onto the penis before her. Giles grunted in recognition, and she stood up unsteadily.

"Your turn, Buffy!" she announced, assisting her friend to her feet. Buffy now stood with her feet astride Giles' hips, and she slowly lowered herself onto him as he brought his legs together beneath her. She fitted their parts together and began bobbing up and down luxuriously along his shaft.

"Come here, beautiful," Giles rasped at Willow, "you get a turn, too." She removed her panties as ordered and took over Buffy's place at his tongue. She leaned forward, letting her skirts drop over his head and increasing the newly discovered humidity between her legs. He tenderly lapped at her hot button, letting her juices mix with his saliva and those that Buffy had left behind. His thumbs brushed her hard nipples through her blouse, making her whimper with delight.

The three of them made an amusing sight: Giles stretched full-length on the ground with two girls straddling him, with their long skirts covering his head on one end and his nakedness in the middle. Willow and Buffy both had long forgotten their initial attempts to keep quiet, and moaned and gasped almost in unison.

Giles' skilled tongue plied its trade well, making Willow's virgin sex seem to catch fire as she came with a yowl. When she could open her eyes again, she moved away from his mouth and curled up beside him on the coat, catching her breath and letting her pulse slow to normal.

Meanwhile, Buffy's dance upon his upturned cock grew fiercer and faster. He grabbed her ass tightly and rolled them over as one to apply the final thrusts that sent them both over the edge. Hungrily, he plunged his tongue once again into her mouth before he disentangled their legs and fell exhausted between the two girls lying on the ground. He gathered them protectively in his strong arms, and they nestled against him as they all fell sound asleep.

Some time later, the breeze changed, and a cloud slid over the sun. The sudden shadow broke the heat of the day, and the supine figures began to stir in the coolness.

Buffy awoke and sat up, shaking her head. Willow sprang to her feet, careful not to disturb the still-dozing Giles. "What the hell was *that*?" she asked no one in particular.

"Is it safe to assume that we didn't dream that?" wondered Buffy.

"I think so," replied Willow. "I'm sure not gonna tell anybody about it, though."

"I think that goes without saying. Though I don't plan on forgetting it anytime soon."

"Me either," asserted Willow, who began hunting around for her panties and scarf.

Buffy got up and grabbed her by the elbow. "How about you? Are you okay with this?"

"Yeah. I might have some trouble explaining the stupid grin on my face to my mom, but the idea doesn't bother me." She glanced at Giles, who was making it difficult for her to pick up her coat. "Well, I guess I'll get that later. It's still pretty warm out here."

Buffy joined her and smiled down at him, noting how carefully his ankles were crossed and his kilt was arranged over his lap. "It was pretty hot out here for awhile, though, wasn't it?"

"Yeah," Willow sighed. "And the temperature was pretty high, too!" The girls gathered their dropped costume pieces, and went back to searching for the lace hat giggling together.

Momentarily, Giles awoke and fumbled for his glasses, finding them where Buffy had left them. He sat up and looked around, wondering where his partners had gone. All he found nearby was Willow's coat and a blue ribbon that must have fallen off one of Buffy's braids, disproving his first suspicion that it had all been a dream. He picked up his discarded lemonade cup and sniffed suspiciously at the dregs of liquid that remained, but detected no alcohol or other ingredients that could account for his recent wanton behavior. He tucked the ribbon into his breast pocket, gathered up the coat, and headed back towards the fairgrounds.

The booths along the midway were curiously unmanned, but students, their costumes slightly awry, appeared straggling in from all corners, looking universally sheepish and, in some cases, smugly pleased with themselves. Willow stood alone, adjusting her scarf and watching the parade of mysteriously smiling students. Giles approached and draped the coat over her shoulders, startling her for a moment.

"What do you think happened?" she whispered.

"I'm not sure," he replied.

Buffy emerged from the shrubbery scuffing her wooden shoes and sporting what looked like a huge origami crane made out of lace on her head.

"Oh, good!" chimed up Willow. "You found your hat!"

"Yeah," Buffy grumbled. "Three cheers for me." She noticed the flushed faces of her classmates as they passed. "If I'm not mistaken, damn near everybody got lucky here this afternoon. Do you think the hellmouth gave us all a massive dose of pheromones or something?"

"That might explain it... Not that I didn't realize what I was doing, or that I didn't enjoy it," she added, to assuage Giles' feelings.

"Likewise," said Giles, making her grin foolishly. "Shhhh! Here comes Cordelia!"

The Indian princess' beaded headband was quite askew, and the backside of her dress, which was visible as she passed the group, was covered in grass stains. She turned back to them. "Have you seen Xander?" she asked.

"Here I am!" he piped up from behind them. "You know how it goes: 'Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow..."

"That's the post office," corrected Cordelia. "You're a Mountie."

"So, Sgt. Xander," quizzed Buffy, "do you always get your man?" Willow giggled, and even Giles tried hard to suppress a smile. "Well, you've caught *something* there," she added, pointing towards his fly.

All eyes turned to follow her pointing finger, where a single strand of doeskin fringe that precisely matched Cordelia's dress was caught in his zipper. Embarrassed, he yanked it free and flung it aside. Seeking to turn everyone's attentions elsewhere, he spotted the blue ribbon peeking from Giles' jacket pocket. "What's that? Did you win first prize?"

A flustered Giles handed the bow back to Buffy. "Oh, I, uh, found that in the bushes. You must have, um, lost it while you were looking for your hat."

"Thanks," muttered Buffy, tying it back around her braid.

To change the subject, Willow announced, "Hey, it looks like the Ecuadorians are going to play another set! Let's go listen!" She strode across the fairgrounds, assuming the others would follow.

The group reluctantly tagged after her, with Buffy and Cordelia bringing up the rear.

Cordelia gave Giles' rear view some serious attention for a moment. "You know," she asserted, "if he wasn't like the Official Library Nerd, I'd say he looked kinda sharp in that getup. I've always wondered what is worn under the kilt..."

Buffy replied, just under her breath, "Oh, nothing's worn at all. It's all in perfect working order!"


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