Title: ANGEL (Thicker, chapter 2)
Author: Janet F. Caires-Lesgold
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Category: Angsty pre-Wincest, Dean POV
Spoilers: Sometime before "Route 666"
Rating: M for mature audiences due to language and sexual activity
Pairing: Sam/Dean pending, Dean/OFC
Summary: Pretense

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"No I'm no angel
No I'm no stranger to the dark
Let me rock your cradle
Let me start a fire with your spark..."

Nice apartment, Cheryl. It is Cheryl, isn't it? Yeah--you can call me Ian. Ian Fleming. How long have you been bartending at My Sister's Place? Cute name. No, I don't know anything about alibis... Sure--a beer would be great.

Sweet stereo. You dig the classics, too, I see. Allman Brothers. Good stuff.

What were we taking notes about at the bar? Oh, you know--urban legend things. Research for sociology class at the community college in Greene County. Yeah--you know the one. Huh? No, doesn't ring a bell--can't say I've met him. I'm a transfer student. I still can't put names to faces for everybody in the department yet. Maybe I'll check with Jimmy when I see him. Yeah, my research partner: Jimmy Bond. Did you meet him? Tall, skinny guy with sloppy hair? Yeah. I guess you could say he was cute, sure.

Thank you. You're hot yourself. Kiss you? Sure. Mmmmmmmm... That's nice. What's that perfume you're wearing? I like it. Mmmmmmmmmmmm... So soft...

Hey--we're not in any hurry here. Keep your shirt on. Yeah, I'm kidding.

What kind of fish are those? Blue Neons, huh? Pretty. Okay, go ahead. Lemme get that button for you. That feels good, yeah. Okay, sure. We can lose the t-shirt, too.

Whoa--well, lookee there. I could have sworn you were wearing a... Yeah, they're... wow... Yes, I like them. I like them a lot. Touch them? Okay, I can handle that. You like that? Good.

Wait, maybe I don't need to see your bedroom. I'd better not stay too late. Jimmy will freak out. No--we can have plenty of fun here on the couch, right?

See? Want me to touch you there? I can make it good for you. We don't even have to fuck. No, no. I'd like to fuck you. It's just so late, and I really shouldn't stay over. I'd want to do that much, at least. Right--I'm not one of those guys who gets up and leaves right afterwards.

C'mere. Let me do this. Mmmmmm. Yeah, Cheryl. That's it. You like that? Oh, I think you do! Yeah, so sweet. Uh-huh. No, wait--let's just focus on you right now. Does that feel good? I thought so.

Shhhh... Oh, baby, yeah. That's it. You gonna come for me? There it is. Ahhh. You're pretty when you come. Nice. See? I promised I'd take care of you. You okay? You're fine. You're welcome.

Me? Aww, nahhh, I-- Erm, waitaminute. You don't have to-- No. Don't do that. Um, shit. No, it's okay. No--I like you fine. I've just gotta... Wait, yeah, it's okay. Sure, I guess you can.

Oh, what a sweet mouth you've got... Yeah, Sa--er, Cheryl. That's fine. That's real good. Oh, Jesus. Unggggghhh. Holy-- Fuck. Oh, God. Yeah. God, fuck, I'm gonna-- Yeah, no... Aaaauuuuggghhh! Sorry. Thank you, Cheryl. That was great.

I'd really better get going. I'd love to stay, but my partner expects me back tonight. Thanks for everything. You take care, now. I'll see you around.

*slam* "Come and let me show you my tattoo..." *ring* Hello? Hey, Sammy. Yeah, I'm on my way. I was just thinkin' about you...



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