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A Note Regarding Ratings (as of March 18, 2005):

None of my stories are for anyone under the age of 13.
Y indicates those stories that would be suitable for younger teens or above.
T indicates stories that would be suitable for older teens or above.
M indicates stories that are acceptable ONLY for MATURE AUDIENCES.
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Buffy/Angel ** X-Files ** Smallville ** The O.C. ** Supernatural
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Buffy, the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Dream Lover (M): B/O - Buffy must vanquish a demon that threatens her friend Willow
Bizarre Love Triangle (M): B/W slash! - Willow explores the depths of her friendship with Buffy
Sex and Candy (M): G/O - Giles has a vision, or does he?
Scotland the Brave (M): B/W/G - Buffy, Willow, and Giles have some fun at the International Fair
Green Fire (M): A/D slash! - Regrets? Angel's had a few...
The Long, Dark Bedtime of the Soul (T): Post-ep for "Flooded" - Buffy contemplates the changes in her world

The X-Files

Mulder-Scully Romance

Somewhere Out There (M): MSR/SRA - Scully faces her own demons
Reclaiming What Was Lost (M): MSR/SAR - Mulder and Scully spend a couple of harrowing days apart and come back together at last
The "F" Word (M): MSR/SRH - Holiday fun!
A Night at the Opera (M): MSR/SRH - A day in the country... (a sequel to "The F-Word")
St. James Infirmary Blues: A Nightmare (Y): VA/MSR - A different kind of ghost story

Mulder-Krycek Slash
The "Arrows" Universe

Arrows of Desire (M): M/K slash! - SRA - The boys get dressed up and go out for the evening
Singing in the Dead of Night (M): M/K slash! - SRA - The boys are thrown together again
Before the Parade Passes By (M): M/K slash! - SAR - The boys get away for a weekend together
We'll Take a Cup o' Kindness Yet (T): M/K slash-lite! - SAR - New Year's Eve brings everybody together
Bite Club (T): M/K slash! - VHR - The boys work around a new obstacle (a post-ep for "Fight Club")
Two Thumbs Up (T): M/K slash! - VHAR - The boys do a movie review
Break On Through (to the other side) (M): M/K slash (and M/O) - SAR - Here there be monsters...
Barbie Knees (T): M/K slash! - VAR - Mulder contemplates a unique feature of his lover
Popcorn Battle (T): M/K slash! - VHR - The boys watch a little television
The Letter "G" (M): M/K slash (and M/O) - SXRA, post-XF - How it all ends (the final chapter of the "Arrows" universe)

Other Angst

Time/Lifeline (T): VA - Mulder spends a quiet evening at home
The Man in the Mirror [by Leah Roman (see photo here)] (T): SA - Krycek prepares to face the day
Devil Inside, or what you need (M): SA, M/S - A prophecy almost comes true
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (M): VA, AK/MC - Alex pays a late-night visit
Townshend's Blues (Y): VA, Krycek POV songfic - Ratboy sings the blues
Requiescat in Pace (T): SA, post-"Requiem" - Mulder comes back...

Other Humor

Tipping the Balance (M): VAH - Scully can't sleep
Inventory (Y): VH - Krycek takes inventory
The Rape (Y): VH - Scully goes too far
Hand Job (Y): VH - Mulder does something to Scully he's never done before
Being David Duchovny (Y): VHA - Mulder sees another side of life
If You Have Ghosts: A Halloween Carol A sequel to "St. James Infirmary Blues: A Nightmare", located under "Mulder-Scully Romance" above, (M): SHR (AU) - The further adventures of Dead Mulder and Scully

The Sanctuary Series

Sanctuary (M): SAR - Scully seeks solace in an unusual place
Better Left Unsaid [by Leah Roman] (M): VRA - Skinner tells Mulder something he doesn't want to hear
Safe Words [by Mik] (M): VRA - Mulder tries to make amends
Consequences [by Erynn] (T): SA - Scully's actions in "Sanctuary" have their inevitable consequences
Aftermath (T): SAR/MSR - Pieces of shattered lives are picked up, and possibly put back together
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Clark-Lex Slash
The Nourishment Series

Cover by Tiff Thomas

First Fruit [1] (T): Clark/Lex - Lex considers his options
The Taste of Caviar [2] (Y): Clark/Lex - Clark contemplates a change of circumstance
Secret Recipe [3] (T): Clark/Lex - Lex plots his next move, but Clark beats him to it
Mother's Milk [4] (Y): Clark/Lex - Ma Kent has a talk with Clark
Moon Pie [5] (M): Clark/Lex - Clark and Lex go out for the evening
Cotton Candy [6] (M): Clark/Lex - Clark and Lex have a real date
Dinner Dance [7] (Y): Clark/Lex - A mystery in the mansion...
Birthday Cake [8] (M): Clark/Lex - There's a first time for everything...
Breaking a Fast [9] (T): Clark/Lex - An open letter...
Hamburger [10] (M): Clark/Lex - We all grieve in different ways...
Vitamins and Minerals [11] (M): Clark/Lex, etc. - in response to Jenn & Te's "Pornotopia" Challenge. Anything further would be telling...
Fish Sticks [12] (M): Clark/Lex - Adventures in the Orient
Power Lunch [13] (T): Clark/Lex - Where did all that tension in "Nicodemus" come from, anyway?
A Scent of Sarsaparilla [14] (T): Clark/Lex - How can Lex fix things with Clark?
After-School Snack [15] (M): Clark/Lex - Clark considers his place
Small Potatoes [16] (T): Clark/Lex - Jonathan considers what he's lost
Funeral Tea [17] (M): Clark/Lex - Clark comes in from the rain
Leftovers [18] (T): Clark/Lex; Whitney/Lana? - Thoughts from the washroom of a Greyhound bus bound for Wichita
Cast Thy Bread Upon the Waters [2.1] (Y): Clark/Lex - Reaching out after the storm
Mairzy Doats [2.2] (M): Clark/Lex - Things get hot in the loft
Grains of Rice [2.3] (T): Clark/Lex - Things change
Red Hots and Lifesavers [2.4] (M): Clark/Lex - Things fall into place
Room Service [2.5] (M): Clark/Lex - The boys get away from it all
Water [2.6] (M): Clark/Lex - Reflections in a pool
Dietary Restrictions [2.7] (T): Clark/Lex - A possible explanation for upcoming events
Apples and Oranges [2.8] (T): Clark/Lex - What happened next
Black Coffee in Bed [2.9] (M): Clark/Lex - A lazy Sunday
Medicine [2.10] (T): Clark/Lex - Lex makes a mistake
Eating Crow [2.11] (M): Clark/Lex - A picnic
Dreamsicle [2.12] (M): Clark/Lex - A nightmare
Mint on My Pillow [2.13] (M): Clark/Lex - Lex sleeps over
Greasy Spoon [2.14] (T): Clark/Lex - Clark chews on a few things on the road
Creamy Center [2.15] (Y): Clark/Lex, Lex/Helen - Rooms aren't the only things that hold secrets
Snap, Crackle, and Pop [2.16] (M): Clark/Lex - Weathering a storm
Going Vegetarian [2.17] (T): Clark/Lex - Pete finds out Clark's other secret
Sugar Substitute [2.18] (T): Clark/Lex - The boys have coffee
Cornflake Girl [2.19] (T): Clark/Lex - Chloe considers the facts
Empty Bottle [3.1] (T): Clark/Lex, Clark/other - Clark reflects on his Metropolitan adventures in his grief
Chicken Soup for the Soul [3.2] (M): Clark/Lex - Lex comes home
Nuts to You [3.3] (Y): Clark/Lex - The boys have fun
Poison [3.4] (T): Clark/Lex, Clark/other - Miss Lana regrets
More Than a Sandwich [3.5] (T): Clark/Lex - Ravings of a madman, or are they?
A Teaspoon of Honey [3.6] (Y): Clark/Lex - Martha explains herself
Meat [3.7] (T): Clark/Lex - Lex watches
Dark Chocolate [3.8] (M): Clark/Lex - Clark uses his other senses
Lemon [3.9] (T): Clark/Lex - What was sweet turns sour
Sweet and Sour Pickles [3.10] (Y): Clark/Lex - Clark wises up
Cookie [3.11] (M): Clark/Lex - Crumbs
Starvation [3.12] (T): Clark/Lex - Clark does without
Wintergreen [3.13] (Y): Clark/Lex - A rescue
Bitter Almond [3.14] (Y): Clark/Lex - Clark reflects

Nourishment 2: Second Helpings
wherein canon and I part ways...

Croissant [N-2 1] (Y): Clark/Lex - Le plot twist
Five Flavors [N-2 2] (Y): Clark/Lex - The next logical step
Home Cooking [N-2 3] (Y): Clark/Lex - Where he belongs
Finger Food [N-2 4] (T): Clark/Lex - Sharing a snack
Just Desserts [N-2 5] (Y): Clark/Lex - Unfinished business
Toy Surprise in the Crackerjack Box [N-2 6] (T): Clark/Lex - Evidence
Amber Waves of Grain [N-2 7] (M): Clark/Lex - An island in the sun
Food Allergy [N-2 8] (T): Clark/Lex, Pete/Lana implied - Unexpected reaction
Butter or Margarine? [N-2 9] (T): Clark/Lex, Clark/other in the past - There's truth, and then there's truth
Trick or Treat [N-2 10] (M): Clark/Lex - Celebrating in style
Produce [N-2 11] (Y): Clark/Lex - The place where the secrets are kept
Extra Ingredient [N-2 12] (T): Clark/Lex, with hints of Lionel/Lex - Just a spy in the house of love...
Sleeping Pill [N-2 13] (M): Clark/Lex - Clark can't sleep
Gingerbread Boys [N-2 14] (Y): Clark/Lex - Merry Christmas!
Popping the Cork [N-2 15] (M): Clark/Lex - Happy New Year!
Appetizer [N-2 16] (T): Clark/Lex and a surprise - Starting something
Invitation to Supper [N-2 17] (T): Clark/Lex - Adding to the equation
Smorgasbord [N-2 18] (M): Clark/Lex/Chloe - Somewhere Clark has never traveled
One from Column A [N-2 19] (M): Clark/Lex/Chloe - Choices
Opening Night Toast [N-2 20] (M): Clark/Chloe - Extracurricular activities
Artificial Flavor [N-2 21] (T): Clark/Chloe/Lex - What is real
Easter Egg [N-2 22] (T): Clark/Chloe/Lex - Consequences
Ice [N-2 23] (T): Clark/Chloe/Lex - A girl's best friend
Place Setting [N-2 24] (T): Clark/Chloe/Lex - Preparations
Butcher [N-2 25] (T): Clark/Chloe/Lex - The first crack
Last Meal [N-2 26] (M): Clark/Lex - The fissure deepens
Toothpick [N-2 Epilogue] (T): Clark/Lex - The rift is complete

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Meret's Clexy Captions & Manipulations * Michael Rosenbaum's Official Site

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Quantum Fics
A possible reality starring Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling

By Any Other Name (M): Michael/Tom - Making do with what you have
Out on the Table (T): Michael/Tom - Confessions of one sort or another
Waking Up (M): Michael/Tom - The next day
Light of Day (M): Michael/Tom - The day after that
Going Away (The Summer of '03, part 1) (M): Michael/Tom - A farewell gift
Being Apart (The Summer of '03, part 2) (T): Michael/Tom - A phone call
Coming Home (The Summer of '03, part 3) (M): Michael/Tom - A welcome back
Fragile (Season 3, part 1) (M): Michael/Tom - He's a method actor
Film (Season 3, part 2) (T): Michael/Tom - Refreshment at the movies
Foam (Season 3, part 3) (M): Michael/Tom - Unwinding
Friends (Season 3, part 4) (T): Michael/Tom, Tom/Ian Somerhalder implied - A third wheel
Flyboys (Season 3, part 5) (T): Michael/Tom - Two ships that collide in the night
Fog (Season 3, part 6) (T): Michael/Tom - Marked men
Fight (Season 3, part 7) (M) Michael/Tom - Somebody missed a memo
Frozen (sequel to Season 3) (M) Michael/Tom - Learning things

The O.C.

Seth/Ryan slash

So Not [O.C. 1] (T) -- Seth POV - pre-slash - Semantics
Then Again [O.C. 2] (T) -- Seth POV - pre-slash - Evidence
Special Offer [O.C. 3] (Y) -- Ryan POV - pre-slash - Shopping
Chrismukkah Cheer [O.C. 4] (T) -- Ryan POV - Seth/Ryan slash - Gift-giving
Last Minute [O.C. 5] (T) -- Seth POV - Seth/Ryan slash - Time-killing
What If [O.C. 6] (T) -- Seth/Ryan slash - Struggling
Why Not [O.C. 7] (M) -- Seth/Ryan slash - Connection


Sam/Dean slash
The Thicker Series

Banner by The Owlcat

Instrument [1] (T) -- pre-Wincest, Sam POV - Denial
Angel [2] (M) -- pre-Wincest, Dean POV - Pretense
Moral [3] (T) -- pre-Wincest, Sam POV - Analysis
Core [4] (T) -- pre-Wincest, Dean POV - Absence
Heart [5] (M) -- almost-Wincest, Sam POV - Mistake
Stage [6] (M) -- pre-Wincest, Dean POV - Charade
Anonymous [7] (M) -- Sam/OMC, pre-Wincest, Sam POV - Substitute
Naked [8] (M) -- Sam/Dean, Wincest, Dean POV - Plunge
Sin [9] (M) -- Sam/Dean, Wincest, Sam POV - Secrets
Important [10] (M) -- Sam/Dean, Wincest, Dean POV - Priorities
Rest [11] (T) -- Sam/Dean, Wincest, Sam POV - Respite

Other Universes

Foot Soldiers (Y): CAV (crossover: "The X-Files", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and "La Femme Nikita") - Mulder's alter ego visits a chatroom
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (a Crossover Romance) (M): XCSRA (crossover: "The X-Files" and "The Invisible Man") - An investigation reintroduces Scully to an old friend
From the Other Side--a Love Story (M): VRA - a Keanu Reeves/River Phoenix fantasy
Minuet (M) -- a "Farscape" Story - SAR - Crichton and Aeryn dance around the inevitable
Mirror (M) -- a "Sorority Boys" Story - Vignette - D/A - Genderfuck
Compact (M) -- a "Sorority Boys" Story - sequel to "Mirror" - D/A - Genderfucking
Brethren (M) -- a "Spider-Man" and "X-Men" Movies Crossover Story - Pete/Logan - Two strangers collide in the night
Family Reunion (M) -- a "Spider-Man" and "X2/X-Men United" Movies Crossover Story - sequel to "Brethren" - Pete/Logan - a weekend visit
Jungle Boogie (M) -- a "Tarzan" story - John/Jane - A first time I wanted to see
A Walk on the Slippery Rocks (M) -- a "Lost" story - Boone POV - Boone philsophizes
Damage Control (M) -- a "Lost" story - Boone POV - Boone protests
Stress Test (T) -- A "House, M.D." story - House/Wilson - Heading home
Close Enough (M) -- A "Brokeback Mountain" story - Jack/OMC, Jack/Ennis - What a man's gotta do

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