Title: IMPORTANT (Thicker, chapter 10)
Author: Janet F. Caires-Lesgold
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Category: PWP, Wincest, Dean POV
Spoilers: Not really, but set after "Something Wicked"
Rating: M for adults only due to language and m/m sexual activity
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: Priorities

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"Never opened myself this way
life is ours, we live it our way
all these words I don't just say
and nothing else matters..."


Somehow I don't think James and Lars were thinking about this kind of relationship when they wrote that. But if I'm really honest with myself, I've always heard that verse and assumed it was about Sam and me, even before I started turning to him for sex.

Having crossed this line, it was more difficult for me to evade Michael's razzing assessment of us. Two queens. Right. We're not gay. Not really, at least, no matter what experiments either of us might have tried in the past. If Sam found a girl he wanted to bang, that would be okay with me. I could still fuck any girl who caught my eye if I wanted to. It just wouldn't mean anything.

The most important thing in the world is Sam. It was easy to see how wrecked Michael was when Asher was in danger. I've been there and lived in that place. I have always taken my responsibility to take care of my little brother very seriously, just like Michael does. Could I imagine him growing up and wanting to get naked with Asher? Never in a million years.

Those kids are normal, and I hope they stay like that. Sam and I? Are another story entirely. What Sam and I do isn't normal. The casual intimacy we've always had has just blossomed into another kind, one that cements our bond and gives us a safe outlet for all kinds of stress. We have so little in this world that we can call our own that we take full advantage of what few riches we do have. Sam is mine and I am his.

I'm not going to start making huge gooey declarations or anything. He knows how I feel about him. We've got each other's backs, and each of us knows how the other works. No other alliance we could form would give us so much, or function so well. Anyone who isn't a hunter, who hasn't vowed to face down evil and to try to save the world, couldn't possibly understand what we go through. Most hunters work alone for that very reason. Damn, I'm lucky to have Sam.

My brother waits just on the other side of the bathroom door. I've showered the day's grime out of my hair and off of my body, and, with a towel wrapped around my waist, I'm ready for him.

I open the door and just stand there for a moment, waiting until he glances up from his laptop and notices me. Our words have already retired for the night, so he just looks me up and down with an appreciative smirk and shuts the computer down. He sets it on the nightstand and gestures vaguely toward the wall switch with his chin. I walk over and turn it off, leaving the room illuminated only by the lamps between the beds.

Silently, he holds out a hand to me, and I move to his bedside, dropping the towel on the floor. He lowers the bedcovers, which have been bunched at his waist, and reveals his naked body between the sheets. Crawling into the half-circle made by his arm, I climb onto the bed next to him and lean in to give him a kiss. Together we slide down to rest our heads on his pillows.

The next few minutes are a study in contrast: the softness of the bed, his skin, and his mouth compared to the hardness of my teeth, his bones, and our cocks pressed close between our bodies. My fingers reach down to find his erection and stroke it firmly, as I consider taking it in my mouth to bring him off. Like the rest of him, his dick is a little thinner and a little longer than mine, and feels good against me.

Before I can get into position, however, Sam has other ideas. He breaks our kiss and holds himself back except to nudge me face-down onto the bed. Quickly, I reposition the pillow under my hips, then fold my arms under my head.

One monster hand rests on the small of my back as the other rummages for supplies. His touch leaves me for a moment until he settles on his knees between my legs. I can hear the tearing of a wrapper and the squish of lubricated rubber, and try not to wiggle my ass too obviously. A muffled snort from my brother lets me know that I'm not as successful as I had hoped.

Sam's slicked fingers ready my opening, followed promptly by his engorged sex. Carefully, he fills me and drapes over me, hanging onto my shoulders as he gets comfortable. At last, he begins to thrust, making himself completely at home.

I relish the slide of his cock inside me, which makes me feel owned and desired like nothing else could. Just when I start to relax, his teeth bite down on the side of my neck, upping the tension again in the best way. Soon the pillow under me is disturbed as a hand comes burrowing under my right side, and my dick is taken into his strong fist. He pulls at me confidently, and my balls tighten suddenly as if a circuit has been completed between us.

Not losing a beat, he opens his jaws from my neck and murmurs "Okay--now," just loud enough for me to hear him. I come at once, shudders racing down my spine and spunk pumping out of me at his command.

My spasms set him off, and I feel him give one last, deep push and burst heat inside my body. Once he stops shaking on top of me, he gentles me with his hands and leaves a soft kiss on the back of my neck. Slowly he draws away, petting my temple with a lazy thumb, until I turn back and kiss him goodnight, then wander off to my own bed.

Before I switch off the light, he fixes drowsy eyes on me. We exchange a small smile which warms me as I plunge the room into darkness. Nothing else matters...



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