Janet's Costume Photographs

Unless otherwise noted, all photos copyright Janet F. Caires-Lesgold (C) 2000-2006


This is our wedding! That's me in the eggshell faille redingote and black stirrup pants with boots, purple brocade vest, and white shirt and jabot. Jake (my husband) is in the tails and matching purple brocade vest. The lovely lady in the shimmery gold ballgown is my "sister", my witness, and my costume consultant, Mithuiel Lueders Barnes. (5/20/95)

This is Leah Roman, who wrote a couple of the stories that appear on my story page. She's my best bud and fellow brownie-wrangler! She's dressed in something one of the brownies picked out, and Mardi Gras beads. This was taken at Duckon in June of 1999.


This is an oldie but a goodie! Yep, that's me, pretending I can see without my glasses, singing "Indian Love Call" ("When I'm calling YOO-oo-oo-oo!") in a hoop skirt and picture hat. The Mountie to the right is Mark Elliott, baritone and ivory-tickler extraordinaire. This was taken in 1977, at the Alton (Illinois) Senior High School Summer Chorus production, "Encore!" (Copyright Manis Photography (C) 1977)


And then I discovered science fiction fandom! Yep, this is me in theatrical makeup and fake fur ears (NO, that is *not* my hair!) as "Kzinti Ambassador Minaur" at my very first convention, Capricon, in 1986. That medal around my neck was from my high school graduation as valedictorian way back in 1977.


Here, shown in my room at the Margarita Inn, Evanston, Illinois, on Halloween of 1987, I am dressed as Alex from Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange". Note the eyeball garters on my sleeves!


This is Sister Mary Paul, the rock-and-roll bondage nun! (Note the handcuffs and the TARDIS key necklace!) The blue thing is in fact an old bathrobe! This was taken by Villain at Capricon in 1988.


This was taken at Mark Simon's "loud" birthday party in April of 1989. I like to call this one, "Beat Me, Whip Me, Make Me Wear Plaid".


Back at the Margarita, on Halloween of 1989, here I am as Claude Rains in "The Invisible Man". The idea for this costume came from my dad, who did the same thing to a party many, many years before. (For the record, the Ace bandage only stayed on for about twenty minutes after I got to the party!)

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