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This is my "biker slut" costume from Windycon 1991. Yes, I wore this to work at the United Methodist Church office for Halloween the next year. Note the "biker gopher" on the floor, made by the toymaker Elaine!


From Chicon, the World Science Fiction Convention in 1991, this is my "Mad Max Universe Post-Apocalyptic Ragpicker"(I had a thing for sucked-in cheeks that year). The guy to whom I handed my camera managed to cut off my foot, so it's hard to see that my boots don't match.


On Halloween of 1994, I vamped out at work at the United Methodist Church office, making use once again of the valedictorian medal.


Oh, sweetiedarling! Don't you know that animal prints were the big thing by Windycon of 1996? Well, Eddie Monsoon (from the Britcom "Absolutely Fabulous") thought so, anyway! She would have died of embarrassment to learn that the jacket came from the Salvation Army!


This is Flutter, the Cirque du Soleil clown. (Note the butterfly on her hat.) This was taken at my office at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering on the campus of Northwestern University on Halloween of 1997 by my supervisor, Joanna Gwinn.


Here is Jake again, as the Gnome of Knowledge, the Ax of Facts, the Drew Carey of the So-Smart-He's-Scary! The one, the only, the BEAKMAN! That's me as his sidekick, Phoebe. (We couldn't get anybody to wear the ratsuit.) The photo processing lab thought that the coat was supposed to be yellow--I did the best I could greening it up, but now it looks like it glows in the dark, which it just well might! Taken at Windycon 1997.


This is me at Windycon in 1999, as Aeryn Sun from "Farscape". If you don't buy that, let's just call it paramilitary duds and leave it at that.


Also from Windycon 1999, here I am dressed as Dana Scully of the X-Files. The fake FBI badge features a Northwestern University seal and is authorized by J. Edgar Hoover. The fake cross necklace came from Woolworth's.

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