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The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Clark Kent!

If you love the WB's Smallville, especially Clark Kent as played by Tom Welling, this is the place for you! Note: this page doesn't have much in the way of adult content, but the members are fans of the homoerotic nature of the relationship between Clark and his (might be someday) arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor, played by Michael Rosenbaum. If this sort of mindset offends you, perhaps I spoke too soon, as you'd probably be happier somewhere else. However, if you appreciate the slashy CLexiness of the show, seeking out HoYay and GAYLEs week after week, please read on!


Do you love Smallville's Clark Kent? Does it upset you to see him treated with derision on discussion lists and showered with suggested tortures for perceived misdeeds? We the undersigned, while appreciating his relationship with Lex Luthor, do not believe in the abuse of the one to elevate the other. With our fanfic recommendations and list posts, we will strive to protect the honor of the teenager of steel from abuse and mistreatment on his journey to becoming Superman.

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The Society consists of

Janet Caires-Lesgold = President -- http://jfc.freeshell.org/

I'm 43, married, a secretarial type at Northwestern University, living in Chicagoland. I came to Smallville fandom from the X-Files, and dabbled about with Mulder andKrycek before I fell hard for Clark and Lex. I've written quite a lot of fanfic in those fandoms, as well as a smattering of other stuff. It's all on my webpage if you're interested! I hope this can be a friendly place for people who may like Lex Luthor, but who believe that this will never keep us from loving Clark Kent! (Can't we all just learn to get along???)

Tiff Thomas = Vice President

My reasons for being here can best be summed up in a rant: I've had bad experiences in past fandoms with the supporters of the main characters cancelling each other out -- ie, "I love Lex therefore I hate Clark!" -- a phenomenon I live in fear of having to deal with again. Personally, I love both Clark and Lex equally, flaws and all. I get down on their (and TPTB's) idiotic behavior, but it doesn't alter my ultimate feelings, or my wish to see them each happy (and naked, and licking condiments off each other...) So, yeah. Meanwhile, I've been a Smallville fan since day one (more or less), and a CLex addict almost that long. My longest lasting previous obsession was for The X-Files, and we all know how well that turned out. Generally I'm a friend to both het and slash alike, as well as both fictional and, er, not-so-fictional characters. And I'm (just barely) younger than Tom Welling. :)

Ionah = Sergeant-at-Arms -- http://ionah.populli.net

Hi! I'm Ionah, 28, female and I love CLex. I work from home, so I often find myself sneaking a peek at my email throughout the day, every day. I also love to share video clips from my website. I discovered fandom and slash back in June/July of last year (2002) and have been thoroughly addicted ever since. I'm an avid romance fan, so you can imagine that I enjoy certain kinds of stories more than others (happily ever afters, anyone?). I got hooked on Smallville fanfic, decided I had to see the show, so I bought a *big* antenna, but still couldn't get the show. I cancelled my satelite service and signed up with a different provider who could get the WB for me. It made me very happy, although it did not make my checkbook happy, but hey, can't have everything! Up until halfway through season two, I loved reading Smallville fanfic as much as I loved writing it. But after the proliferation of Suffering!Clark and Apologetic!Clark fics I've gone back to reading my previous favorites, The Sentinel and Stargate SG-1. Slash is the only kind of fanfic I read, simply because I *like* it. I mean, I really, *really* like it! I get my fill of het and gen stuff from the shows themselves. I don't think I have to hate one character (Clark) just because I love another (Lex). I lurk most times, but occasionally I get disturbed enough to stick my neck out and defend my favorites. And when I drop out of sight, you can blame my work. I do.

Lulu/Jo-Ann = Secretary for Cross-Fandom Relations

I am a 59 year old retired HS teacher, now mainly involved with my astronomy hobby and part time job. Married, no kids... just a cat. I was a huge fan of the X-Files, an experience that turned ugly after a while and so I was leery of getting involved in another fandom. I really thought that being involved with a Superman related show would have been fairly safe... imagine my dismay when I kept seeing stuff like "Oh I hate Clark" bandied about on miscellaneous message boards. I am on mailing lists mainly to keep up with what is available out there about Smallville. I LOVE TW and Clark and love the interaction with Lex as played wonderfully by MR. In season 1 the most disturbing thing to me was Hourglass because I ached at being reminded that a character I liked so much was going to become Superman's nemesis rather than stay his friend. I was naive enough to laugh at Craig Kilbourn when he introed MR as being the guy who succeeded in getting people to root for Lex Luthor rathor than Superman. I thought how silly weren't most of us rooting for them both?. Little did I know. I see a lot of fans looking down their noses at the show but it turns out to be universally liked (except for my hubby) in my family and that of my sister.

Kadyn = Minister of Foreign Affairs

I'm kadyn, I'm a French journalist living in Paris. Janet invited me to join, so thanks again. Since, I don't live in the US, I'm usually a couple of eps behind you guys (I get SV tapes from the States). Luckily I'm a "spoiler slut" and I manage to find out what's going on, so I can join a discussion. SV has started airing in France a couple of months ago (it's a big success here and the actors should come to Paris to promote the release of the DVD in June) but the french discussion groups are not very interesting, plus we're only in the middle of the first season here. Before SV, I was really into the La Femme Nikita fandom. I even wrote fanfiction in english. Later I joined the X-Men the movie fandom because of my interest in the Rogue/Wolverine pairing. Now I'm into SV and of course it's all about the Clex ;-) My favorite character on the show is Lex. But I like Clark as well even though I was disappointed by some of the things he said in the latest eps. Nevertheless, let's remember he's only 16 and what I like most about him is that is not perfect. He makes mistakes, he has a temper. It would be very annoying if he always did the "right thing". SV is my favorite show at the moment, but sadly I think the writing doesn't always live up to my expectations. From ep to ep it really fluctuates. But, but I have high hopes for the future... Plus, the acting is great, the actors are very charismatic, the cinematography and directing upper class and the special effects awesome. I just wish the writing was always as good as the rest of the production. Anyway the good things in this show make me cme back for more.

Angela = Brigadier General

Hello, all. My name's Angela, and I am deeply disturbed by all of the "Clark is an ass" messages I'm finding on just about every Smallville message board out there. I think it's terrible that people find it much easier to let Lex off the hook when he treats Clark like shit simply because he's going to turn evil, and we have to give him all the hugs we can now, and blah blah. That's no excuse. Clark and Lex *both* do and say things to each other they shouldn't, and it's about time that is recognized. Clark doesn't apologize? Well, Lex apologizes with more lies most of the time. Why does Clark catch more heat? Now, I love me some Lex (can't have the Clex withouth 'im), and I think MR is an awesome guy with a wide range of talent, but my heart belongs to Clark Kent and Tom Welling. I hate knowing that Lex will not be the man we met in the pilot episode by the time the series ends, but I am rooting for Clark, because he is the one who will decide to take the right path. TW portrays him wonderfully, and I can't imagine anyone else playing the role.

Elizabeth = Ombudsman of Steel -- http://members.rogers.com/fajrdrako/nest.html

Elizabeth Holden (fajrdrako) is a Canadian slash fan who loves Clex, budgies, yoga and comic books - I really relate to Lex Luthor's "Warrior Angel" habit. Besides Smallville, I've written in many fandoms: X-Men, The Professionals, Horatio Hornblower, and The Lord of the Rings. Favourite episodes: the Pilot, Hourglass, Shimmer.

SugarRush = Deep Throat -- http://lexsex.populli.net/

Hey there. I'm SugarRush, and I've been kicking around fandom in one form or another since I was a wee sprout of fifteen or so. My first fandom was Classic Trek, and then I segued to Remington Steele, Miami Vice, Beauty and the Beast, Next Generation, and finally ended up in X-Files, a fandom that just about broke my heart and my desire to continue in any future fannish activities. But... as luck would have it, a friend told me to turn on the EasyView showing of "Red" wayyy back in October, and I suddenly found myself falling hard for a big strapping farmboy and his sexy bald billionaire best friend. So here I am -- a slave to the HoYay, and loving every second of it.

PepperJackCandy = Skeptic-at-Large -- http://www.geocities.com/pepperjackcandy/

Thamiris = Fic and Analysis Goddess -- http://www.slashaholics.org/thamiris/slash.html



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